Filter Magic® Testimonials from our Clients

Filter Magic® Solutions are operating successfully in many parts of the country providing our clients long-term reliable filter control systems.

Cornish Creek WTP – Newton County, Georgia

11905 Alcovy Road, Covington, GA 30014

Jason Nord – Plant Manager, (770) 784-2048

Newton County is located on the southeast corner of the Atlanta metro region. The plant was substantially upgraded and expanded in 2010 and included a Filter Magic® Pneumatic Solution for its 13 filters. Jason Nord who is the Plant Manager stated that “Filter Magic® has proven to be a highly reliable and effective filter control system that has never failed to date.”


Harlingen WTP – Harlingen Waterworks System, Harlingen, Texas

134 E. Van Buren, Harlingen, TX 78551

David Sanchez – Water Services Director, (956) 440-6582

The City of Harlingen is located in south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley near Brownsville. The existing 8 filter water plant was very old and included three generations of various aged filter systems, two of were completely out-of-service when the project began. The existing filter systems included several different types and manufacturers of pneumatic actuators, all of which were able to retrofit for a Filter Magic® Pneumatic Solution.

The entire plant was upgraded and retrofitted with a new Filter Magic® Solution in 2012. The project included substantial mechanical work performed by the Owner and was performed by Industrial Control Systems (the Integrator), WWatertech (the regional representative for Filter Magic®) and Harlingen Waterworks (the Owner). David Sanchez who is the Water Services Director stated that “the project was complete success due in part to the team of professional that installed it and the enhanced performance of the plant through the Filter Magic® control system.”


Fort Meade WTP – Fort Meade Army Base, Laurel, Maryland

3220 Laurel Fort Meade Road, Laurel, MD 20724

Sean Wheatley – Water Plant Supervisor, (443) 591-4976

Fort Meade Army Base, home of the National Security Administration (NSA), is located between Washington, DC and Baltimore in Laurel, Maryland. The original water plant was built in the 1940’s and until recently, still operated with an antique (historic) filter control system using hydraulic actuation.

The plant was rebuilt and modernized in 2011 & 2012 through a design-build-operate project that included American Water (the Operator), Bowen Engineering, (the General Contractor), HDR Consulting Engineers and Industrial Control Systems (the Integrator). The original design to rebuild the plant included a traditional filter control system with electric actuation for its 6 filters.

During the design process, a Filter Magic® Solution with pneumatic actuators was proposed for the filter system in lieu of the traditional filter control system with electric actuation. Both approaches were considered and the simplicity, ease of installation, substantial savings and long-term maintenance benefits ultimately led to a decision to install a Filter Magic® Pneumatic Solution. Jameson Pearson with Bowen Engineering stated that “the filter control system was simple to install, saved a substantial amount of money, lived up to expectations and started up very quickly with minimal problems.”

Sean Wheatley who is the water treatment plant supervisor stated that “Filter Magic® has proven to be a easy-to-use reliable filter control system”.


Zapata WTP – Zapata County, Texas

2824 STOP 28B, Zapata, TX 78076

Domingo Castaneda – Treatment Supervisor, (956) 765-9975

Zapata County is located on the banks of the Rio Grande River between Laredo and McAllen, Texas in a very remote part of the country. This brand new plant was built in 2010 and included a Filter Magic® Pneumatic Solution for its 4 filters. Domingo Castaneda who is the Treatment Supervisor stated that “they have not had any problems with their Filter Magic® control system and that it is very easy for their operators to use.”