Filter Magic® can reduce the initial cost of installation by as much as 60% as well as substantial long-term maintenance savings over time.

Filter Magic® Solutions include a comprehensive three (3) year warranty on the entire filter control system including the Filter Magic® Control System, instrumentation, valves and actuators.

Four and five year Filter Magic® warranty options are available upon request.

Filter Magic® Solutions were designed to simplify traditional filter control systems by eliminating unnecessary complexity in the Filter Gallery and the Filter Pipe Gallery.

Filter Magic® Consoles utilize state-of-the-art technology to completely eliminate all of the traditional pilot lights, pushbuttons, selector switches, controllers and indicators by consolidating them into one large easy to read and operate touchscreen operator interface panel. Small reliable PLCs and a 2-wire 24VDC AS-I bus network technology located inside the filter console completely eliminate traditional PLC input / output cards normally associated with a filter control system thereby substantially reducing the size and complexity of the dual filter console.

Installation of a Filter Magic® Console is simple due to its size and small footprint. It does not require a large opening under it usually needed for traditional conduit systems and in fact usually requires an adaptor plate under it to cover the large openings normally found on older systems. Once installed, it only requires three ¾” conduits installed under it for 120 VAC power, Ethernet connectivity to other filter consoles and plant SCADA and the 2-wire 24 VDC AS-I bus network cable to the filter pipe gallery. The small simple console is one of the major upfront cost savings benefits of a Filter Magic® Solution.

The very simple easy to maintain Filter Magic® 2-wire 24 VDC AS-I bus network cable is responsible to connect all of the filter control system devices for two filters in the filter pipe gallery to the Filter Magic® Console and completely eliminates the traditional conduit and wiring tree normally associated with a traditional filter control system. The devices include all of the control actuators and instrumentation required for two filters. This is one of the major upfront cost savings benefits of a Filter Magic® Solution.

The Filter Magic® 2-wire 24 VDC AS-I bus network cable also provides electrical power to pneumatic vane actuators, if used, in the filter control system located in the filter pipe gallery. This very important Filter Magic® cost savings benefit is enormous as it completely eliminates the need for a 230 / 460 VAC three-phase power distribution system in the filter pipe gallery.

Filter Magic® Pneumatic Actuation Solutions provide maximum short-term installation benefits as well as long-term maintenance savings benefits.

Filter Magic® Electric and Hydraulic Actuation Solutions are also available.